Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions
Platform used by the broker (XM) to operate in the currency market.
Entity that allows us to participate in the Forex market. The account that you create in your broker is unique and personal, for which a user is assigned a server and a password, you must have these data present since if the computer is formatted the Cashbot is linked to the user and you can open and install it from any computer.
A VPS is a virtual private server. It is a web hosting service that is obtained by dividing a physical server into several virtual servers, making each of them have dedicated resources and is isolated from the others.
If the computer loses connection to the internet or power, you can handle it depending on the disconnection time, if the damage lasts many hours you must go to your Metatrader4 of the cell phone verify that you have floating and if it is the case close the operations that are open. If you have it in the VPS nothing will happen, since the virtual cloud separates your robot from the computer.
The computer can continue to be used for other tasks, just minimize (DO NOT CLOSE, MINIMIZE) the window and you can use it safely. If you have it in the VPS you should not do anything.